Lose the inches

Submitted by: Mitch Ryan

Vanessa Bajek's Success Story

Vanessa only comes to see me once a week for an hour session. Just adding that has caused her to lose an inch in her waiste. And she has only been in 3 times! Losing a full inch for 3 hours of extra effort seems like a great trade off.

Vanessa has continued to come to training for one hour session only one time a week and is continuing to lose the inches. She has only been coming for 2 1/2 months, a total of 10 sessions and has lost 3 inches in her waist. With effort and determination, great results are possible!

Vanessa has been seeing me for about 5 weeks now. Still only once a week. Her "tight" pants are getting looser and looser. And she just started the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge 7 days ago. She is loving products and feeling and looking phenominal! She is on a simple and effective workout and nutrition plan that will help her accomplish her goals. Keep kickin butt V! www.advocaretrained.com