Lookinig for the perfect Trainer.

Submitted by: Octavio Pozos Perez

Michael Lyons "Writer and Producer" Paramount pictures. 's Success Story

When I was initially looking for a trainer, I was looking for someone who was:
    - informative and encouraging (the drill sergeant style doesn't work for me), and
    - worked with mature men and understood how to work with mature bodies.
Octavio is excellent in both these areas and several more.  If I tell him that I can't do a certain exercise because I've pulled a shoulder muscle, he'll suggest other ways to work the muscle group that avoid injury.  He has a serious depth of knowledge about physical training and is always taking classes in new workout techniques. Octavio constantly revises my workouts.  He's never boring.  I really need to emphasis the last point.  Octavio is so much fun personally that I often find that I worked out harder than I intended because he made the training session so much fun.  Only a very gifted trainer knows how to do that. Octavio is terrific and I recommend him.
Mike Lyons


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