Look at me Now!

Submitted by: Chandalyn Pulmano

S. Yellumahanti's Success Story

I first met Chandalyn in Feb. 2008. Before I met her, I weighed 242 lbs. I had a bad back, my waist line was bigger and also had a very poor posture. Whenever I would talk about losing weight, all I would hear from people is, “you look alright because you are tall (5ft-8in)”. I tried all kinds of diet, skipping meals, the Atkins, Jenny Craig etc. Yes, I would lose weight, but I can only eat so much meat and skip so many meals. As soon as I would come off the diet, I would put on the weight again and much more. My wake up call was when my back gave away completely. That is when I realized, I absolutely needed help!!! I also have hypertension and it did not help one bit with the weight I was carrying.

The first thing Chandalyn said was STOP SKIPPING MEALS“.I will never forget those words. She started a boot camp with couple of other girls and working out with the bunch sure has been very motivating. It made me very accountable. She would weigh us every week and also help us with our food log thus keeping tabs.

I have been working out with her for almost 2 years now and I am down to 202 lbs. Down by a total of 40lbs!!! My goal is to be at a healthy weight of 178lbs. I know working with Chandalyn, it is absolutely possible. She has been a positive influence on my life. My eating habits are healthier now which I have incorporated for my family too. Thanks to the work out, my posture has also improved considerably. Infact, my husband is also training with her and what a difference in his posture already!!! My blood pressure is also normal now and my doctor has also reduced the dose of my medication.

Apart from this, my son Aditya plays football. He plays on the line. Although he is good with tackle he is not very agile. Chandalyn is training him to be more agile and he actually looks forward to working out with her.

Chandalyn has become such a valuable part of the “Yellumahanti family” and I know I will be continuing my workouts with her as long as I can.