Submitted by: Mari Kay-Nabozny

Liz's Success Story

About me:I’m 37 yrs old, a wife and mother of 2. My family is the most important thing to me, followed closely by my friends.

My experience with fitness: I started my serious fitness journey late last winter (like most I had started & stopped many times before) for two reasons. #1 was for myself (I no longer liked how I felt or looked) and #2 was for my family, I want to be around for grandkids and great-grandkids!

Fitness Everyday: During the last year I have found that Ignite Fitness classes work with any schedule making taking classes easy for me. If my family is busy at night, I sign up for an early morning or lunchtime classes. There really is no excuse to not fit fitness into my schedule now.

Ignited goals: Ignite has helped me make a big dent in my weight loss goal (24 lbs down from my heaviest), I’ve lost inches all over my body and I’ve gotten my athletic drive and self-esteem back! I am not done yet!

Retox: Time with my kids!

Fave class: Indoor Cycling (spin) and even at 5:30 am! I also love boot camp, Jungle Gym XT and my newest favorite is Insanity™. I have tried almost all the classes and I’ve liked everyone for different reasons. I think people should keep changing it up to stay interested!

Spin music: Anything fun and upbeat. All the instructors have different musical tastes and I enjoy the variety!

Motivation: One of the main reasons the classes are so great is because of the top-notch instructors that Ignite has. They are all down to earth, friendly, inspiring and challenging. I’ve never felt dumb for asking a question or like I didn’t belong in a class. They do the classes with you and show you how to properly do the exercises.

Words to live by: I no longer say “I can’t”, I now say “I will”.

Something else that I’ve gotten from Ignite that I wasn’t expecting but I will forever be grateful for is the friends I’ve gained along the way. These people, each on their own journey, keep me motivated and accountable more than they will ever know. Thank you Ignite Fitness for what you are doing and inspiring in this community!


Liz Before


Liz After