Living Pain Free

Submitted by: Masha Balovlenkov

Dorothy's Success Story

Prior to meeting Masha in 2006, I had worked with several personal trainers, whose training and backgrounds varied. Regardless of the expertise and care, I endured back pain from the early 1990's until Masha broke down the specific problems and systematically solved each difficulty.

I am pain free, strong and physically confident in a way that I had never been before our work together. Masha's no-nonsense work ethic and understanding of the body's abilities gives her a unique perspective on healing and developing body strength. No movement is too small, or too simple for her to break it down to usable energy. I had never successfully done one push up prior to my work with her. She held me patiently, encouraging me to believe in myself...week after week and month after month we took tiny steps to master this mainstay of exercise. Now, I assure you that I can do 15, if not 20 pushups with assured strength and absolute confidence. Masha inspired and cultivated this accomplishment.

I could go on and on about difficulties with my knee and other weaknesses, suffice it to say her vision brought me from weakness to strength.