Living By Example

Submitted by: Deanett Pierce

Kim's Success Story

Inspire-verb-to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something

I began working with Deanett in September of 2012. As an educator and mother of three I was ready to take better care of myself. The area gyms held little appeal for a 44 year old woman who needed more hours in the day. I had been a casual runner in the past but had let that go....along with clothes that fit, manicures, and time to myself. I met Deanett as a result of an inquiry about a weight loss group at a local church. Little did I know that thirty minutes on Friday mornings would change everything. I was struck by how interested she was in what I wanted for myself. What changes did I want to make? She asked me to visualize goals and positive outcomes. We discussed nutrition, self-image, family demands, and of course, exercise. I began the work in earnest and realized that it was tough-not impossible-to make little transformations here and there. My progress has been slow but steady. Family and friends started noticing and I had more energy. Forty pounds seemed like a thousand....until I lost the first ten. Deanett never lost faith in me even as I struggled with food issues and lack of quick progress. Her words stuck with me as I did four 5ks this year. "Yes, you can.” As a teacher I know there is a fine art to challenging someone enough without pushing them into the 'giving up' zone. Every single workout has been tough. I'm never sure I can finish but I always do. After the first twenty pounds my husband bagged up all my black baggy clothes and put them in the garage. After the next ten they went to Goodwill. It has been about so much more than weight. This is who I am now. I am a priority in my own life. My health is my responsibility. I have always believed that people are in our lives for a reason. Deanett walks the talk and practices what she preaches. This inspires me. A coworker recently told me I had inspired her to run again. Living by example trumps self-help books, lectures, and self-doubt every time. Deanett has been a blessing to my spirit!
Living by example - Kim