Lisa Lost 75 pounds!

Submitted by: Tanya Stroh

Lisa's Success Story

“I had been over weight my whole life - as early as 13 years old I weighted over 200 pounds. However, even being heavy I managed to stay active. However, in 2004 as I tipped the scale at over 300 lbs, I came to the realization that my weight was impacting how I lived my life - I began avoiding activities that I had loved to do - like dancing, diving and traveling to exotic places around the world. I was so disheartened and self conscious that going to a gym or beginning an exercise regimen was out of the question. In 2005, I opted to have gastric bypass surgery as a jump start to my new life. After losing about 75 pounds after the surgery, I was ready to focus on becoming fit. I hit the gym, alone and without a plan, but anxious to jump in. After a few months on my own, I wanted to ”up the stakes” and work with a professional who could vary my program and help me progress. That’s when I found Tanya. Since early 2006 Tanya and I have been spending Friday mornings at 6am together. Her strategy is both simple yet demanding. She works to help me stay motivated, build muscle mass, increase my metabolism and maintain good form. My workouts have grown in intensity over time, our goals are a lot more refined and even after 4 plus years I still look forward to our early morning sessions! (And did I mention I lost an additional 75 pounds?) I feel great and life is good!”


Lisa Before


Lisa After