Lingering Pain

Submitted by: Vance Ferrigno

Chris's Success Story

When I started seeing Vance I was pretty discouraged.

Unfortunately the situation that Vance has helped me solve is pretty complex so I will do my best to summarize. Frankly, I did not know what to hope for after struggling for over three years with intense pain in the top of shoulder, forearm and hand. After numerous consultations with orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons, cortisone injections,  numerous rounds of physical therapy, acupuncture, consultation at Duke University, on and on with lots of conflicting opinions I eventually decided on spine surgery. The surgery was a C-6 disk replacement in Dec. of 2008. That was followed by another round of physical therapy and with still only a modest reduction in pain.

After a few sessions working with Vance he suspected, preliminarily diagnosed and then researched for confirmation a condition called  "snapping scapula syndrome".  He recommended I see an orthopedic surgeon that he knew. I had already been to several orthopedic surgeons including Dr. Hawkins of Steadman Hawkins. The outcome was the same an offer of pain medication and routine shoulder therapy. Vance recommended that I meet with Dr. Singleton, founding partner of Steadman Hawkins of the Carolina's now at Village Orthopaedic Surgery. After a complete work-up he ordered a CT scan and confirmed Vance's preliminary suspicion along with some other scapular and muscular abnormalities.  This condition went undiagnosed by several very well respected orthopedic surgeons. Vance thought outside of the box and didn't go with a textbook explanation. He listened to the description of the problem, actually observed and listened to the abnormal functioning of the shoulder structure and by applying his particular expertise came up with working  hypothesis that eluded experienced physicians. In addition, once I made the appointment with Dr. Singleton he advocated with the doctor on my behalf. He showed not only professional acumen but also a dedication and caring that exemplifies the Cliffs wellness philosophy.



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