Lindsays story

Submitted by: Kelly Itsell

Lindsay's Success Story

Well I was always active when I was young. I was a gymnast for 15 yrs and was always fit and skinny, so I never thought I would be a "chubby girl". After High school I got lazy stopped working out and starting drinking beer, and soon enough I became something I never thought would happen. About 2 years ago I slowly started working out again and soon my diet changed. I quit smoking stopped drinking beer and finally enlisted in kelly for serious help. She was born to do this and be inspiring because this is her life. She is not a gimmick she is right there working out with you.She gave me the confidence in the kitchen to start cooking and prepping my meals for the week. It has actually been a fun transformation because she has been by my side laughing and having fun with me. She has taught me so much about nutrition and what our bodies need to succeed. We are all capable of be inspired and get moving!!!!!!!

Fitness you Can Live With is proud to share Lindsay Passino's photo this week! She has had a mega body transformation! In total she has lost over 30 lbs by working out 4-5x a week, prepping her meals ahead of time, and allowing herself one cheat day aka "fat sat". We are proud of you Lindsay! Keep up the good work and Rock it Out!


Lindsay Before


Lindsay After