Lindsay's Journey

Submitted by: Jessica Muddiman

Lindsay's Success Story

I am fortunate to say that I have been a client of Jess Muddiman for a year now. I cannot fathom a better personal trainer. Jess has completely changed my attitude toward health and fitness. She provides encouragement and support, and holds me accountable for the choices I make in a caring way. She always knows exactly what my body needs to get to the next level, and makes sure that I know why we do particular exercises and routines. She is also extremely flexible with my schedule and makes sure that I get a good workout in, no matter how hectic my professional and personal life gets. I have felt healthier and happier since I started working with Jess, and my body looks and feels so much stronger than it has ever been. I’ve learned to take control of my health, and Jess provides the support I need when the going gets tough. I would recommend her above all other trainers, whether it’s for a few sessions to get you started, or for a long term coach to plan and vary your exercise routine and maximize your fitness level.