Submitted by: Daashia Cochran

Linda's Success Story

On Aug 01, 2012
I have been training with Daashia for about 8 months now. I have always been active and athletic, but I am in the best shape of my entire life at this time. Her knowledge and ability to make you physically exceed the limits that your brain says is incredible. She has the talent to push you to your limit, without injury. If you give her 100% she will give you 110%. If you know your goals, she will design a fitness routine specifically for you. When that goal is met, she can take you to the next level. Daashia has the innate ability to encourage you to gve all you have, do your best, give you goals that she knows you can accomplish, and you will see the results!
Linda Kruszka

Linda continues to challenge herself and we have started to compete in adventure races for something fun and challenging.
Linda has competed in 3 adventure races over the last 6 months (June, September and December) and has completed them all faster than the previous time. She has finished with very impressive times. This picture is from the race in September where Linda and I took 2nd and 3rd in women overall. Great job Linda!! Your drive is inspiring!


Linda After