Lights Out Transformation

Submitted by: Kurt Gillon

Julia Allen's Success Story

Julia's journey started less than a year ago. Julia has went from over 18% body fat to under 11% body fat. Julia was not involved in a structured strength training program, until one day our gym had a power outage and the main lights went out. So, I had a few ladies work out in the lobby of the gym, a quick impromptu group bootcamp. Not soon after that introduction Julia started taking my TRX class twice a week.

Here is what Julia has to say :-)

Hey!- real weight loss isn't about dieting and working out a few days a week to fit into skinny jeans. Real weight loss is eating habit changes and being consistent. its not about denying yourself any food just eating better and committing to working out regularly. You don't find the time for the gym, you make the time.