Lifestyle Changes

Submitted by: Tara Taylor

Tanichia's Success Story

My name is Tanichia Foster. I am a 31-year old female whose life has been dramatically changed as a result of having encountered Tara Taylor. I have struggled with weight most of my adult life. The lower 260's is the highest weight I've been. Prior to meeting Tara Taylor, I tried many unhealthy fad diets and weight loss tactics. I have tried not eating, B-12 shots and even experienced a near fatal bout with Xenedrine w/Ephedera. I'd attempted exercising on my own, joining Bally's and Curves. During those times, I was successful at losing almost 40 pounds but was never satisfied or motivated to keep my weight off. Fad diets and non-fat-friendly fitness facilities were very discouraging to me and my visits to them would often times result in me going home binging on food.

In early 2005 and at about 220 lbs, while employed as a Child and Family Services social worker, I was eavesdropping on a conversation that my colleagues were having about a discount that employees could receive if they joined the YMCA. In that same conversation, they were discussing a boot camp class that they'd been attending. They had nothing but good things to say about this class and the woman who taught it. I was immediately intrigued and wanted to try it out. I obtained a guest pass that week and went to the class. Tara introduced herself and welcomed me. She asked me if I'd ever worked out or taken a boot camp style class. I said yes (not knowing what her idea of boot camp was). She was very professional but warned me about the intensity level of the class (this made me more intrigued). Feeling challenged, I jumped into this class head first...I had never in my life done anything so physical in a one hour time frame. I was sore for days. Tara covered every aspect of physical training in that one hour. There were parts of my body sore that I never knew existed. That class and Tara Taylor prompted me to get a membership at the facility.

Every class that Tara taught, I wanted to be in. Tara never did anything twice in a row and this made attending her class worth while. As out of the ordinary as I found her choice of activities for us, I never wanted to miss out. Tara pushed and motivated the entire group beyond what we believed we were capable of and it's crazy but we loved her for it. We were addicted to her classes. During those classes offered twice a week, I was giving all I had which helped me lose about 20 more pounds but I reached a standstill. This I now know was my fault because I felt since I was working out as hard as I was with Tara, I could eat anything I wanted when I left.

In December 2005, I decided to hire Tara as a personal trainer. I told her I had a goal to be done with her by July 2006. The amount of weight that I told her I wanted to lose was not realistic...or so we thought. Tara met with me for every one of our sessions and each time, she challenged me beyond what I felt my limitations were. I followed every single direction she gave me regarding eating and physical activity. Tara showed me that losing weight could be fun, addictive and was realistic. She taught me how to eat healthy and still enjoy foods that I liked. She helped me do things I never imagined I could do like full consecutive push ups on my toes. She taught me to run and breath correctly while doing so. I lost my last 50 pounds with Tara and by June 2006, I'd surpassed my weight loss goal with her, was preparing for my first 10K (that was my first run ever and she refused to allow me to slack by starting off with a 5K) and was on my way to toning my body in way I'd never imagined I could.

As a result of working with Tara and seeing how knowledgeable and passionate she was about my health and fitness, I developed a love for health and fitness. Tara's impact on me developed into my desire to help others change their lives. Almost immediately after our transformation of me, I began teaching cycling classes, boot camp and I initiated and taught kickboxing as the very facility that I was once a client. I moved into training other fitness staff at this facility as well. Tara motivated me to do that. She believed in me so I believed in me. I have long since quit my position as a child services social worker and I obtained and held a three year position as a program manager of a very successful health and wellness program (YMCA Clevelander's in Motion Body Age Health Screening) for the very facility that I was once a client. I obtained various certifications. I obtained a position as a group fitness instructor at a fitness facility. I started my own fitness program (Da Basement Fitness) at my home and when my group of clients outgrew my home, I opened LyfeStyle Changes Fitness Studio and I'm now approaching the November one year anniversary of it's opening. Now, it is today 2010 and I have maintained my weight at a range of 147-153 lbs. I workout 6 days a week (I include running and push ups in everything I do to serve as a reminder that those were the two physical activities I was not able to do prior to Tara Taylor).

Tara Taylor is a phenomenal woman, fitness instructor and personal trainer. She has been my inspiration, friend and mentor. She practices what she teaches daily in her personal and professional life. This is to be commended. I truly believe that had it not been for my initial encounter with Tara Taylor, I would not be where I am today. Tara Taylor is the best in the field of physical health and fitness and at what she does!