Lifestyle Change- Weight Loss

Submitted by: Herve Doliska

Amanda's Success Story

"I've always gone through the same process; I am religious about working-out for about a month, and then lose motivation, get bored, and lose all my hard-work. Eventually I have to start over. I was tired of going through the same cycle and looked for a new approach. Herve's work-out plan was different because it always kept me challenged, and I had no time to get bored. Although he is 1,000 miles away he still frequently checked in on my progress and kept making sure to push me forward. I have so far lost 11 pounds, and am much "firmer". More importantly I have more confidence and have not lost motivation to keep going. I feel his workout plan really creates a lifestyle change and desire to stay on track. No more "starting over"!"
Amanda Gendron


Amanda Before


Amanda After