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Submitted by: Cortney Taul

John Steppe's Success Story

I first started working with
I first started working with Cortney some 22 months ago, or perhaps a better way of putting it is I started working with her close to 100 pounds ago. At that point in my life, I could not run (slowly) for longer than two minutes, I could not do more than six push-up (on my knees), and a simple flight of stairs was an embarrassing effort.
I will not take credit for the improvement in my general health, my strength, and my ability to run further and further (several miles). There would be little truth in that type of claim. The reason I am healthier, stronger, and lighter today rests entirely with Cortney.
Her whole-body, stretching, balancing, and moving technique (I am really not sure how else to describe it) is something to experience. The variety of exercises and activities we undertake in our sessions is never the same, always interesting (keeps me guessing), and has made my life better. I seriously appreciate that.
Her focus on her clients is genuine, her enthusiasm for the task makes each session a pleasure, and I can not recommend her highly enough.
John Steppe