Life Changing

Submitted by: Brian Tully

Kerry's Success Story

I have had the pleasure of working with Brian for more than a year. Over 20 years ago I was in a horrible car accident, with my left knee taking the brunt of the long-term injuries. Those of you with knee injuries know it’s never just a knee“ it becomes hips, back, balance, strength, mobility, flexibility. Fast forward 20 years, and I fell on the ice and broke the same knee cap! All of the healing I’d done over the past 20 years seemed to go out the window, and I felt like I was starting from scratch.

That’s where Brian came into the picture. Throughout my life I’ve seen more than my fair share of Physical therapists and chiropractors. I have never felt like they tuned into my injuries and my needs the way Brian did. Brian assessed everything from strength, to range of motion, to balance, identified my weak spots and figured out a plan to get me back to full speed.

We started with stretching and rolling muscles and what seemed at the time like simple repetitive motions. Pretty soon the flexibility was coming, the stability was coming, the strength was coming – and we were meeting 5 days a week. We always started with Brian asking about any specific concerns or pains I was having. It didn’t seem to matter what random pain I threw at him, he always had stretches or exercises to fix it. From there, each meeting was tailored to one specific goal Brian had in mind in my larger recovery plan. It wasn’t long before I could see a difference in everything – less back pain, hips more balanced, knee getting stronger, alignment more in line, endurance building up. And the other benefits I’d never thought of – drinking more water, eating healthier, sleeping more soundly – can’t even be measured.

About 6 months into working with Brian, I was feeling the best I’d felt in over 20 years – I was even wearing heels comfortably! Brian has given me something back in my life that can’t be repaid in money – but only in gratitude. Anyone who has the privilege of working with him will know quickly how much he cares, how laser sharp his focus is on you and your individual needs, and how his positive attitude toward healing and health and being the best you can be is contagious!

Kerry Simonson