Life Changing

Submitted by: Heather Zuber

's Success Story

For the past 3 years I have had the opportunity to have Heather as my personal trainer and let me tell you what a difference it has been. With the help of Heather I have lost 40 pounds, dropped 3 to 4 waist sizes and the best part of it all I was able to get off my High Blood Pressure Medicine. I meet with Heather once a week for 30 minutes and her workouts are challenging and afterwards I feel like a different person. I have seen a huge improvement in my workouts even on the days that I don’t meet with her because I am pushing myself just as she would push me to get thru it and to challenge myself. When she ups the weight I look at her and laugh but she right away says you can do this and by all means I did it. I have taken some classes that she runs here at work and they are the same as meeting her for a personal training session, I feel great afterwards. The one great thing is during my hard work and help from Heather everyone that I know have noticed the weight loss, and my energy level is way up. I am able to do the things that I love to do as playing softball, playing floor hockey, and other sports without running out of energy or breath. To top everything off I can run around with my 2 kids and keep up with them which was a huge success. Heather is great and I thank her for everything that I have accomplished as it would’ve been hard doing this without her help. Jeff Griffin” August 2, 2011