Life Changes

Submitted by: Amanda Rudd

Melissa's Success Story

"As a trainer, Amanda is motivating and supportive. She is the perfect balance. She is demanding without being unrealistic and understanding without enabling. Some trainers are impersonal and distracted. Amanda gets to know her clients personally and is truly dedicated to the betterment of each one. My workouts include a brief warm up, weight training, and cool down. I have been working out with Amanda for 9 months and have never had the same workout twice. She keeps the routine fresh and varies the muscle groups being worked on. Each workout is intense and challenging.
When you workout with Amanda she watches your techniques to make sure you are getting the most out of each exercise. She is also motivating and pushing you through each rep. Working out with a trainer also provides more accountability because it's easier to quit when no one else is watching. When Amanda leaves, I feel like I've had a full gym workout! Amanda starts with your current fitness level and then pushes you to reach your goals at a pace that is that is right for you.
The Health, Fitness, & Nutritional Binder has helped me organize my life! With sections to record my diet and exercise, I can see very clearly what I am doing/not doing for my body. It helps me track my progress and stay in touch with the goals that that I have set. Motivating articles and healthy recipes make the whole process more fun!
I am a completely different person; physically and nutritionally. Amanda has helped me to see that what I put into my body really does have an effect on what I can get out of it. Before working with Amanda I was consuming way too many calories, not enough nutrients, and not doing the right kinds of physical activities. Amanda has helped me to change my eating style and workout more often. With her support and motivation I have lost 45 pounds in 9 months and I am still losing!"


Melissa Before


Melissa After