Let the Games Begin!

Submitted by: Jane Birr

Tim's Success Story

Remember when you were little and your friend knocked on the door or approached you on the playground and asked, "Do you want to play with me?" Of course you wanted to play! Play was fun. Off you went.

Contrast that to the word "workout." Ugggh. No fun. Pass the donut.

My husband Tim recently found a way to make his workouts fun. He made a game of it.

You see, over the winter, Tim had spent a lot of time snowmobiling.1,167 miles worth. Tim loves snowmobiling. It is a blast for him but it is also a lot of time sitting on his butt. So to quote Seinfeld, "Poppy started to get sloppy."

But then he found his magic through the power of games. Check out his story of racing his snowmobile:

"My Ski Doo 583 got 1,167 miles this year." Tim said."I decided that I need to workout enough miles to beat my snowmobile by the end of the year. I have 253 miles so far this year. That means I need to average 24 miles per week for the rest of the year. That breaks down to 4 miles six days per week. I can and will do that!"

I went on to ask Tim what gets in his way.He said what many of us say. It is the all too familiar scroll of excuses such as " Weather gets in my way.Also, I don't want to do it after getting home from a long day at school and coaching. And I don't want to wake up early. Time is a factor and well as busyness."

But instead of being held down by these excuses and real-life obstacles, Tim found a way to rise up. He started his "Beat My Snowmobile" Challenge.

For success, Tim says, "I tell people about my challenge so I am held accountable. When I don't feel like getting my miles in, I just get it done because I don’t want to get beat by a machine, even though the Ski Doo 583 is a cool machine. Having a minimum number of miles per week as a goal helps because I have to get 24. No excuses."

Tim concludes with sharing why he is doing this. He says,

"I am doing this because I like to compete, and as an athlete, in order for me to continue to workout I need to have something or someone to compete against. I am also doing this because I want to stay healthy and fit so I can continue to be in 1-2 races per year and feel good about my race results. I also want to be fit as I get older."

Well, there you have it! Tim found a way to light his fire. What a great example of the power of fun and games and playing to his competitive drives and strengths.

What is a system that has worked for you? We would all love to hear it as we motivate and inspire each other to great health!

Need a boost? What game or challenge could you play?

Thanks, Tim. Win, Rocky, win! Beat that snowmobile!

Jane Birr

Life Coach

Motivating and Inspiring Great Health in Body, Mind and Spirit



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