Personal Training & Boot Camp

Submitted by: Jon McQueen

Leslie's Success Story

“For the past year I have been training with Jon McQueen. I work out with Jon two times per week and during that time, I get an intense, personalized, highly effective 50 minutes of training. A few years ago I made a commitment to myself to get personal training. It was a financial commitment as well as a commitment to work hard. I have never regretted this choice because Jon McQueen has made the commitment worth while. I am completely satisfied with the training I have received from Jon. Each workout with Jon is different from the last“with very little equipment. And, he challenges me with exercises that are difficult but always within my abilities.

I am constantly amazed at the variety of exercises he comes up with and even after a year of training with him, I am still doing new routines and exercises that are unique and that I’ve never done before. In other words, the sessions are never boring or repetitive. I wholeheartedly recommend Jon to anyone who is looking for a training experience that will bring results. I would be happy to communicate with anyone who has further questions and can be reached at Again, I recommend Jon McQueen without reservation.”