Learning to Feed Your Body

Submitted by: Ashley Brodeur

Ellie's Success Story

One of the BEST decisions I made in 2009 was to work with Ashley! In Oct 2009 my husband and I decided we needed to get in better shape since our daughter is getting married in July 2010. I never would have imagined myself doing any weight training but I knew I wanted to see changes in my health and my body. I had seen some of the "trainers" on TV and although I was ready to make the commitment, I knew I didn't want to be screamed at either! After meeting with Ashley, I realized this was the way to make the changes I wanted. I have been meeting weekly with Ashley since Oct 2009 and thanks to her guidance, knowledge, instruction, never ending patience and constant encouragement, not only am I well on my way to reaching my goals but I have learned a lot!

I've learned:
- How to make healthier food choices
- That you must actually FEED your body if you want it to perform for you
- That what you weigh is not nearly as important as how your clothes fit!
- That it takes time to reprogram our bodies to work the way they were meant to
- What "just do it, then do it again!" really means!
- That if I stay committed and do the work, my body WILL respond!

I recently had my yearly physical and my doctor was extremely pleased with all the changes in my body and health! My weight was down and my blood work was excellent! The process is challenging but the results are so worth it!