Leaned lots about myself!

Submitted by: Trent Mitchell

Lorraine Shea, Longshore Person's Success Story

“When my husband and I first began weight training with you, it gave us a lot more motivation and energy to keep going. We learned so much from your nutritional tips and we both lost inches as well as weight and it showed in pictures. Your post-rehab really helped my husband’s shoulder heal faster and he is back to playing racquetball, we have Trent Mitchell Fitness to thank for that and feel better. Thanks Trent! It has improved our quality of life!”

“Stepping on a scale was bad enough, but when the arrow shot to 168 lbs., I was utterly disgusted. For a person like myself who is 5’3”, it was a nightmare. I hated to look at myself in the mirror and would cover it up with loose T-shirts and size 36 Levis. And a bathing suit was out of the question. I would just ignore my weight. I would tell myself as long as I burn calories by doing 30 minutes on the treadmill or a 3 mile run, I wouldn’t have to worry what I ate. It would eventually fall off. Well, the final straw came when my husband lost 20 pounds in no time. I couldn’t believe it. I thought to myself ‘how is this fair?’ I went to Trent and told him my dilemma and asked what was I doing wrong. I was determined this time to not fail. Besides, my 40th birthday was coming up, and I thought as a gift to myself, why not look the best that I can.”

“Trent designed a weekly LeanPlus Fitness meal plan for me. I followed it and did not “cheat”. My workouts with Trent were also important, because they helped cut back on hunger and I was burning more calories this time. For the first two weeks I was having evening cravings. So I would drink some water, go to bed and ignore the cravings. Eventually the cravings and hunger stopped. I began in March with Trent and in August I dropped 30 lbs. my waist is now a size 28. I didn’t really start noticing until my coworkers and family had said how much better I looked. With Trent’s assistance, I have completely changed my eating habits and my workouts are more organized. I have never felt better. I learned a lot about myself this time. I realized that I do have the dtermination and commitment to follow through on a goal. Failure was not an option this time around. Thanks Trent!”