New You

Submitted by: Russell Wynter

Bill's Success Story

“New You” Challenge
By Bill C.
I’m a person who spends a lot of time just thinking about good food-especially really great pizza. And, when I say “a lot of time”-I mean a lot. Maybe it’s because I was born on the South Side of Chicago so part of my never strayed very far from home.
So the “New You” challenge held a special obstacle for me. Under Russell Wynter’s watchful guidance, I had already been learning for some months to work my whole body with resistance training, and to mix that up with cardio, too. This was all successful up to a point-that is, to the point where I defeated myself with Olympic eating. I was losing the battle and something had to give.
With the “New You” challenge, Russell has really helped me to put all this together. I have learned to get serious and both my diet and my workouts. I thank Russell for keeping me honest about really logging my “calories consumed,” and “calories burned” each day with the Bodybugg Calorie Management System. Once I really maintained my food diary for a while, it got real hard to keep fooling myself that I could eat all the pizza I always wanted and still be successful. When I really did the math-I saw how a balanced program is the only one that can possibly work. Plus- I learned the value of little changes that I kept making consistently over a long period of time.