Submitted by: Dwayne Cookson

Allison's Success Story

This letter summarizes my experience working with fitness instructor Dwayne Cookson.

I began training with Dwayne with a goal of kick-starting a fitness program that had begun to lose its momentum. Despite consistent exercise sessions and the achievement of several key fitness goals (namely, an ultra-marathon distance walk and significant achievement in Pilates instruction), I had ceased to enjoy the physical progress I had experienced initially.

Through a renewed emphasis on resistance training and nutrition, Dwayne has really helped me “up my game.” Working together once a week, we have developed a customized weights plan, initiated nutrition and fitness journaling, and began a transitional running regimen to progress towards the completion of a 10K run. I have continued with walking and Pilates, and have seen an improvement in both, thanks to a rigorous 3-day/week weights program.

Dwayne’s no-nonsense style and professionalism have proven a good complement to the work I had performed with previous instructors; although he has a distinctive method and style, he does not try to erase the learning and effort I have invested with other trainers. In addition, Dwayne’s attention to customization and supplementary material (i.e., interactive fitness website) is an asset to any fitness program.

I truly value Dwayne’s perspective in helping me stay consistent with my exercise program, execute resistance moves with optimal, safe form, and for providing me the motivation to push beyond my mental and physical barriers. I recommend him to anyone who is serious about taking their fitness to the next level and enhancing their lifestyle with healthier habits.