Labor not Vanity

Submitted by: Jabez Gibson

Montee's Success Story

I love to see people excel in feats of challenge, it excites me. To me, exercise & physical conditioning are not the same @ all. Conditioning is always about higher performance whereas most exercise for some consists of some activity or chasing vain goals which most of the time are more destructive immediately or in near future.

When was the last time you saw a person of mature years (60+) crank'n out reps doing exercises people 20 to 30 years their junior might not even be capable?

Ok, notice I said "crank'n it up" so he's move'n people...
This is my dude y'all...

Though currently fighting several debilitating health situations, he makes his physical conditioning count. The man CONSISTENTLY burns 1000+ calories... got it documented


...he talked about how he was always the little guy with scrawny shoulders and I remember how he first struggled to control his own body weight and about 65 lbs. on a free weight chest press exercise...

then it started after a few months of hard work...

First it was "I wanna be able to do 170 lbs. (incline press)
then it was 180 lbs
then 190 lbs."

Well, he has recently met his goal of 200 lbs. with that particular portion of his strength program weeks (6 wks) ahead of schedule. Also, I've even noticed he's controlling it off the rack by himself 100%.

He mentions his other ailments much less, has had reductions in his meds taken and is currently enjoying accolades on his progressing health from the medical team assisting him.

He has learned how & when to push & when to call it. He has become my clay. He gives me authority to challenge him and he responds. He has a membership @ a local "big gym" and says he knows the difference now & never entertains the staff there in their sales pitch for training.

Wish he would show it so other people can see and be inspired.

I hope to do as much good for him as I feel he does to further my professional development.

You may say or ask why is this a success story, I say to you imagine self alone locked in a room w/o light, u can't even to find a wall to follow. You yell out only to hear your echo bellow and fade. After a while you will either give up & embrace this dark place or YOU DECIDE to fight on & create a change...

Hats off to ya buddy...not many will do the work I've seen you put in. Everybody wants the pot-o-gold, but rarely will they do battle w/the guardian (self) to earn it.



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