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Myron & Nicki Wang's Success Story

"I met Greg, in 1984, at the studio (he used to manage) and enjoyed his knowledge and teaching style. When he opened his own personal training business, I followed him. He has learned all of my health issues and has evolved a workout that keeps me moving and fit in spite of them all.

My husband (Myron) didn't originally work with Greg. He did his own workout that consisted of riding the stationary bike for cardio and lifting weights for strength. I would finish my workout, with Greg, all sweaty and tell my husband how hard I worked. He would always comment that he worked as hard as I, but didn't need a trainer to direct his exercise program.

After about a year of this routine we were preparing for a dive trip and my husband commented that I would need to get in shape for the rigorous diving schedule we had planned. I informed him that I was in shape and ready to go.

He said without completing his workout routine I wouldn't be able to keep up. I challenged him to try just one of my workouts with Greg to see if he could keep up with me. I promised him that if he finished my workout standing I would add his routine to mine in preparation for the trip.

Needless to say, He was exhausted at the end of the workout with Greg. The very next week, he began his training with Greg and never challenged my fitness again."

- Nichole (Nicki) Wang

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