Knee rehab/ post natal/ functional training

Submitted by: jason corrie

Jo's Success Story

Jason has been training me for over 8 years beginning just after my second pregnancy and throughout my third pregnancy which involved a C section. During this time, as an active person, I also suffered from a lot of sporting injuries. His holistic approach to fitness and health is far more effective than just popping to the gym once a week. His motivation is to understand what makes each of his clients tick. Different strategies work for different people , whether it is a continuation of weight loss, or training for a specific event or recovering from an injury he will create personalised programmers to work with all of these objectives. I was told by a knee specialist after one particular skiing accident about 4 years ago I would not be able to run seriously on my knee again without considering surgery. Jason's knowledge of functional training has been invaluable in rehabilitating my knee. I now have strong knees which have withstood several triathlons and which enable me to compete in 10Ks. His knowledge of diet is extremely useful and his non nonsense approach will generally ensure you get results.

"Pickles, Joanne"