Knee Rehab Can Set Everyone Back:

Submitted by: Eugene Neal

Eugene's Success Story

My name is Eugene Neal, and I am a personal trainer. I have always been an athlete. When I was training for my first amateur MMA fight, I tore a ligament in my knee call the PCL. I knew that as long as I had that ligament tear, it would make my career and hobbies very difficult.

After my surgery I was motivated and driven to get in better shape than I had ever been in. So I Hit the books and studied the rehab techniques that I would need to achieve my goal.

After a quick rehab, I was able gain 15 pounds of muscle, and lose 20 pounds of fat, to get into the best shape of my life only 6 months after surgery.

All it takes is dedication, motivation and the knowledge to progress forward!


Eugene Before


Eugene After