Knee rehab

Submitted by: jason corrie

Imogen's Success Story

A few years ago I had a major accident in which I shattered my knee cap and severely damaged the tendons, ligaments and muscles in my left leg. After a year of physio and then a year of pilates I was able to do quite a lot but I could still not ski or play tennis for more than 10 minutes without considerable pain. Jason Corrie was recommended to me by an existing client of his and he trained me and my husband once a week for 18 months. He listened to me, understood the injuries and tailored his training to build the strength in every part of my legs and gradually improve my overall fitness. I am delighted to say that I can now ski red runs confidently and can play tennis for as long as I want. Not only can Jason successfully tailor training to support recovery from injuries but he is also good company. My husband and I miss seeing Jason each week but wish him great success in the future.

Imogen Cleaver