Kickboxing Class was AMAZING!

Submitted by: Gale Marchand

A H's Success Story

Gale, Your kickboxing class was AMAZING!!! You have a fantastic amount of energy and keep the class moving at a great pace. I cant believe I survived it! You definatlly whooped my butt into shape after slacking for so long! I cant wait to come back! I love the way you can modify the movements to acomidate everyone. Thi...s is not a one size fits all class, and I love it! Thanks for opening the door for me to check it out! - Amber Halin

-Thx, Amber - that is what I aim for in every class - modifications for everyone - get the workout you need and the options that are right for each person.
Always. Every Class.
Glad U Enjoyed it - Look forward to seeing you often :)

Gale Marchand

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