Kettlebell workouts have strengthen my back and diminished my pain!

Submitted by: James Tibbits

Adrienne's Success Story

"James, I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me over the last few months. First – I had gotten so bored working out with in my typical routine using weights and doing cardio. You introduced me to a whole new way of working out with the TRX and Kettlebells. You have revived my love for working out and being fit! Second – I have always worked out and been healthy, but the work we have done has sculpted my body to the point my family and friends have noticed a difference. Because of that I have a new degree of confidence. Lastly – Before I started training with you I had pain from a bulged disk in my back. The workouts we have done, especially with the Kettlebells, have strengthened my back to where the pain has significantly diminished. You are the best! I would highly recommend you for anyone who is in need of a trainer. Thanks so much for your knowledge, education and motivation. It has truly changed my life!"