Keeping up with the best of them!

Submitted by: Sylvia Galelli

Jerry's Success Story

If you run into Jerry Goodwill at Fitness Advantage you’ll be inspired. He has made exercise and healthy living a way of life for himself and for his entire family. Jerry started exercising as a young man while serving in WWII. Now, a retired businessman 88 years young, Jerry still works hard in the gym, and keeps up with the best of them!
Jerry was introduced to Fitness Advantage by his daughter and son-in-law. He was impressed with the family atmosphere and friendly staff. He also loved the idea of going to the same gym as his kids and grandkids. Although Jerry had exercised his whole life, he had never had a personal trainer. Always positive and wanting to better himself, he agreed that a trainer might show him a few pointers (and vice-versa!).
Jerry's goals were simple. He wanted to stay fit and strong- determined to keep his quality of life. Due to some pre-existing orthopedic conditions, an integrative approach, including a personal trainer and physical therapist, was best. Jerry’s trainer is Leah. She created a challenging yet safe exercise program aimed at improving his functional strength, mobility and balance. To improve his chronic hip pain, Jerry also worked with Fitness Advantage's physical therapist Chuck Barstow. Sylvia, our nutrition specialist, recommended the use of natural anti-inflammatory supplements (such as fish oil) to help him manage pain naturally. Jerry is now pain free and feeling GREAT!
"Leah, Chuck and Sylvia helped me work out all of my problems. I haven't had any problems with my hip since we've been working together!"  
For Jerry Goodwill, Fitness Advantage is not only the place where he loves to exercise; it is also a place where he has become an inspiration to everyone around him.


Jerry Before


Jerry After