Keeping it off

Submitted by: Kacie Bryant

Steffi's Success Story

"In a short 7 month timeframe I am now down over 90 pounds. Kacie and her team have been a huge part of my journey. Thanks to all their help I stay motivated and my body has changed in a way I could have not imagined. It is firming up and I am getting stronger every day. With Kacie's encouragement I picked up running. I truly thought I would never be a runner and hated it every step in the beginning. I stuck to it because I saw that it was the best cardio option for my weight loss goal. Now I am looking forward to my runs and even joined the GF gang in the Shamrock race in March and signed up for a couple more races in the next months. Becoming part of the GF family has been the best decision. Thanks to all for your support and encouragement."


Steffi After