Submitted by: Brenda Lewis

Kayla's Success Story

My weight loss journey started in 2010 when I decided that blaming my weight on my pregnancy was no longer valid seeing as Ava was 2! I joined Weight Watchers at work and went to meetings. I struggled through my first week but I still lost 5 pounds! I got on their scale twice because I couldn’t believe it. Over that next year I lost 20 pounds but then hit a plateau. That’s when Brenda came into my life. My now Fiance bought me a training package at the YMCA and I chose Brenda after seeing her walk around training others. I thought to myself “that chick looks like she can kick my ass into shape”“and she did just that. It was a struggle at first but Brenda quickly figured out that the key to my success was breathing. I was always yawning and out of breath because I wasn’t breathing through the exercises correctly“especially when I ran the track. So I took all the advice she gave me and a few months later I signed up and ran my first 5k and survived! One of my proudest moments. Since then I have ran 3-4 5k’s, a couple being obstacle courses and a 10k. I moved a year or so after Brenda and I started working out and unfortunately are not able to get together as often as I would like but she still is a huge support and continues to encourage and help me. With her help I lost 10% body fat and 17.6 inches.


Kayla Before


Kayla After