Kate's Story

Submitted by: Jennifer Lynch

Kate's Success Story

Listen up, people. I’ve got a little secret. Do you know ALL of those magazines, books, blogs and DVD’s that tell you how to lose weight and stay fit? The ones that ‘push’ diet and exercise as the best way to lose weight, keep it off and stay fit? Ok, here’s the secret“it really is as simple as that. Diet and exercise. Stop looking for another ‘easier’ way, there isn’t one. And once you get into the swing of a routine with your eating and exercise, IT becomes the easier way.

Four years in graduate school plus a couple of years of post-partum weight had really added up. My eating was misguided and exercise was pretty much non-existent. I’d look in my closet each day and choose from just a few things that still fit and then add a vest or sweater on top to ‘hide’ my belly. I began working out individually with Jenn a few months before she opened Game Changer Fitness. I was so happy to get my body moving again but being a working mom, it was challenging to get the workouts in regularly. I did a 30 day cleanse in May 2012, which amounted to a supplement supported elimination diet- no dairy, wheat, sugar, caffeine or alcohol. I lost just a little weight on it but it really helped clear my sugar cravings and black tea dependency. I felt like I had been liberated! As the end of the cleanse came into sight, I realized I needed to make a plan to keep my diet clean.

Go gluten-free? Could I do it? I’d heard of eating Paleo for a few years but was then not yet willing to be parted with my beloved goodies like toast, pasta and cookies. Having come off 30 days of not eating wheat and thriving I was no longer afraid to walk away from grains, I was excited actually!

As the timing worked out, Jenn opened her gym at the end of May! What a boon for me (and the rest of us who get to wake up and sweat with Jenn!) The very first morning I went to a 6 am bootcamp class, Jenn looked at me with wide surprised eyes“ as I walked by her I said “shhhhh, I don’t really know I’m here”“ That was Memorial Day Weekend, by Labor Day I weighed 19 lbs less!

Not only could I look through my closet and choose whatever I wanted, most of my clothes were literally falling off of me. I learned that when you lose almost 20 lbs, your underwear falls down. By Thanksgiving I was down a total of 22 lbs. I hesitate saying that the weight was ‘lost’, those pounds were burnt off with attention on my eating and hard work in the gym. Also, when we lose things we often hope to find them again“trust me, I will not be sending out a search party.

This journey has been remarkable. I’ve been reminded that being fit helps one feel healthier and ageless. The relationship that I have forged with my body and the food I eat has been most revealing, as I choose nutrient rich food based on what my body needs. I feel happier, more satisfied and stronger than I have during most of my adult life and life is good!

Thanks for reading. I am happy to talk to you, answer questions, provide guidance and recipes. I’ve always looked to my rocking marathon running sister as inspiration, I’d be honored to inspire you. Get up. Do it. There will be NO regrets.


Kate Before


Kate After