just need to change things up

Submitted by: Suzie Gullett

Lynn Darrow's Success Story

Mom, in a life change situation. looking to also change how she sees herself.
Lynn decided to make a change during a fundraiser for her childrens school. bidding on and winning a training package. She called the next day after getting her new training package. I want to make some changes and really would like to lose some more weight and these inches that have been hanging on for a very long time now. She started Superfit. A high intensity Interval training session that is more about finding a developing your strength then just focusing on your weaknesses. she commited to a month of training and changing her nutrition habits. She was already a walker but this new program was something more. Something that would really take her to the next level. In the 3 weeks, Lynn was trying on clothes that she had just hanging in her closet for 2 years. They fit!! she was down six lbs she was really seeing and feeling a difference. Lynn commited now to 3 more months of training and in that time she has dropped two more dress sizes and changed her body fat nearly 8 points. she is now in the fit category for Body fat. Lynn is seeing feeling and believing in the changes she has made. Changes that not only help her but help her kids as well with more energy and a more well rounded lifestyle.