Jussi Oksanen, Professional snowboarder

Submitted by: EZIA Athletic Club

Jussi's Success Story

Today Jussi, one of the best snowboarders in the world, is doing some snowboard training exercises at the EZIA HP for his upcoming back country riding excursions. We are going to do 5 basic exercises together, one snowboard specific training exercise for each of the primary movements required in snowboarding. The snowboard specific movements we will train are kicker-take-off, spin moves in air, big air landings, rail sliding balance, leg stability in deep powder“.
Jussi has been snowboarding since 1989 and has been pro for 15 years. His biggest motivation to start training at EZIA was to maintain and prolong his career.
Jussi says, snowboarding is progressing quite fast, tricks are getting bigger and the falls come in a lot harder, so you got to be on your game.”
The first exercise is a long jump for take offs. You want to jump as far as you can and land softly and silently. The second exercise is a spin/rotation. At home find a ledge to jump up on, jump sideways, turning 180 degrees and land facing the opposite direction from where you started. The third thing we are going to work on is med ball jumps, great for absorbing high-impact landings. Stand on a box with a weighted medicine ball, jump off the box and land as softly as possible in a deep squat.

For rail slides, we like to use an Indo Board to create instability, but if you don’t have one at home you can use a pillow. To simulate the moving forces of gravity, move the medicine ball around in different directions like tracing the four corners of a square or a letter X. This will force you to stabilize your feet and work on your core and balance. Finally, for deep powder and back country riding, we will do a single leg take-off. Balance on one leg on an unstable object like a Bosu ball and jump up, returning back to the same foot. This will prep for legs for long runs when your legs start burning! For video of his testimonial copy and paste the following link. http://www.eziahp.com/testimonials/snowboard-training-exercise


Jussi Before


Jussi After