Jump Start

Submitted by: Annaleis Petrich

Mary's Success Story

Mary first came to me with the desire to get in shape and tone up. I warned her that starting an exercise program would bring changes she wouldn't expect, such as sleeping better and enjoying life. Today, her eyes are bright, she is full of a contagious energy, and she's enjoying her wardrobe of elegant clothes once again. Hear from her yourself:

"Annaleis is an awesome trainer. I have been working with her since January 2010. I have increased strength and endurance. I am able to perform exercises that I never thought that I would, i.e. 30-40 minutes on the elliptical. That was not an easy feat!

She put me on an exercise program that met my personal needs and goals. I have made great progress with my fitness because of Annaleis. She is very encouraging and supportive. I have told everyone about this wonderful opportunity and I hope they take advantage of it. Again, I thank you!!"