Journey to a Healthier Jeff

Submitted by: Rochelle Ramirez

Jeff's Success Story

*** Success Update: Feb. 2012 ***

It's now 18 months into Jeff's program. He's lost just under 40 lbs, and is now 196 lbs! His tiny steps forward are finally adding up to major change! He's got about 20 lbs. more to lose and, is now sometimes noticeably transforming every couple weeks. Jeff maintained the same weight during the month of December. Since the first days of January, he's lost about a pound per week.
Reality is woven into Jeff's transformation program. By this I mean, it's comfortable change he is able to adjust to because it's slow, no exercising 24-7, no food deprivation, and amazingly enough, he hasn't given up his favorite pass time, hours of computer gaming per week. Healthier food choices, occasional "treats", attention to portion sizes, reducing some of his computer time, and an exercise program that gets right to what he needs are the changes Jeff's made. And he's committed to these changes! That's why it's working.

As for the most important changes - the ones on the inside: Jeff no longer has sleep apnea, he's taking a very low dose of blood pressure medicine compared to when we began, his blood sugar and cholesterol is normal, he has real energy, and best of all, his little girl can now put her arms completely around her daddy and touch her hands! Congratulations Jeff! I'm very proud of you! You reached a very important milestone on your journey!

Jeff has been my client since the summer of 2010. He led a mostly sedentary lifestyle up until I began training him, and had developed high blood pressure because of his lack of physical activity. He's lost 22 lbs. at present, starting out at 235 lbs., and is now down to 213 lbs. He has about 40 lbs. more to lose, and has become more motivated than ever because he's seeing results. Also, his blood pressure is much lower, and he'll be off the medication soon because he's now physically active on most days. I'm so very proud of his accomplishments! Here's what Jeff has to say about his experience:

"I've been training with Rochelle since last August. I have lost 22 pounds and 3 inches from my waist. Her training is very effective. She motivates me to keep trying harder and to push a little further. Her exercise programs really get results."

Jeff's next goal and huge milestone is to be down to 200 lbs. by late summer. We'll keep you updated! Keep up the good work, Jeff!

Success Update: Jeff has now lost 35 lbs. and 6 inches from his waist since August 2010, 16 months ago! He has reached his first milestone of 200 lbs. Way to go Jeff! The most difficult obstacle for Jeff is that he loves his computer games for relaxation after work. He continues to consistently add physical activity to his week, is making better food choices, and is becoming more active overall, little by little. The most permanent changes need to happen in small, consistent amounts, and that's exactly what Jeff is doing. I'm so proud of him! Next goal for Jeff: to get into the 190's in the first several weeks of 2012! You can do it, Jeff!!!


Jeff Before


Jeff After