Journey Back to Fitness

Submitted by: Stephanie Chabora

Stephanie Chabora's Success Story

A photo is worth a thousand words; so when I saw what my body looked like after having my second child, I knew it was time to get back to fitness.
This photo was just over 2 month after having my son, Emmett. I have always been a pretty active person. Running and Aikido had played major roles in getting me back into shape after gaining weight or having a baby. This time was a little different. I started working out at Hercules Fitness and wanted to try the C.O.R.E. program. I was hooked from the first grueling workout that left me sore for days. I continued to make it back to the gym on a regular basis. Three to four times a week was plenty for me to start seeing result. I went from 165lbs in January to 150lbs. by April.
There were the challenges of daily life. The sleepless nights with 2 children and the time to keep a household running were quite taxing. But I found some comfort in the fact that I started back to work as a personal trainer and teaching a couple of group classes at the gym. Talk about incentive to get back into shape. My husband and I also took on running a half-marathon in May and I knew that I would need to be doing more that just running to regain my core strength. Through C.O.R.E. I was able to relieve stress, get in a great workout and rebuild my body. At less than 6 months after having Emmett the 1/2 marathon got completed in 2:08:04 on May 19,2012.

What was next on my plate?
Getting back to my pre-wedding weight was my next goal. In the next few months of working out with C.O.R.E. I was able to drop down to 134lbs. and add much more tone to my body than I ever had before. This was the new not only thin me but strong, tone and lean me. This strength led me to my first CrossFit competition this past December. All the hard work has paid off and I will continue with my training in this new year. My fitness goals for 2013 are to be able to do a hand stand push up and a muscle up. Most of all for the new year I am striving for a balance between strength and flexibility which we all know goes a long way in all areas of life.
If you find yourself looking to start your journey back to fitness. I would love to assist you on that journey. I am a personal trainer, Group X instructor and a C.O.R.E. Coach here at Hercules Fitness. You can reach me at and get the adventure started.


Stephanie Chabora Before


Stephanie Chabora After