Joni's Story

Submitted by: Alana Thomas

Joni's Success Story

Hi my name is Joni. I'm 53 years old. I live in Cheltenham and have been training with Alana Thomas at Fitness First Bayside for the past year.

I have been on a great journey over the last year with Alana. She has provided motivation, sensible advice on exercise and nutrition which has paid off allowing me to lose 15 kilos and regain strength in my body.

After being a constant member at gyms attending mostly spin and pump classes for over 12 years I decided to get a full time office job. I found this very tiring and didn't make it to gym. After sitting all day with no exercise my glutes went to sleep. I was left with nerve pain in my right foot. The job ended and I found my body had broken down. I had 6 weeks of severe nerve pain in my neck which left my left shoulder unable to move. I could only walk for 10 mins before the pain in my foot crippled me. I had also put on 15 kilos and was bloated and miserable.

Thankfully I met Bhaumik Patel (physio)at Fitness First and he and Alana provided remedial exercise and advice.

Over the last year I have lost 15 kilos. I have lost 13 cm from bust,15 cm from my waist, 14cm from my hips, 8cm from thighs and 3cm from my upper arms.

I have regained use of my glutes through many squat sessions with Alana. I have the strongest abs I have ever had. My shoulder has now returned to its normal strength. My foot is pain free and I walk 2-3 times a week for an hour.

Alana's dedication has allowed me to successfully rebuild the strength in my body.



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