Joan's Success Story

Submitted by: Gary Hendri

Joan's Success Story

When I started training with Gary, I had been running road races for about 3 years and thought I had become as fast as I was ever going to be. However, within 10 weeks of working with him, my official 5k race time dropped by over 3 minutes to a new personal record. Within 6 months, I took another 2 minutes off and won my age group in two local 5k races. What’s even more impressive is that my running time is still improving. He taught me to train, eat and think like an athlete and my results have been amazing. I am stronger, faster and healthier than I have ever been before. My workouts are varied, fast-paced and fun, and Gary is always finding ways to challenge and push me beyond what I thought I could achieve. His belief in my abilities is always encouraging. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone with any health, fitness, or athletic goal, as he is a gifted trainer with years of experience and knowledge to draw on. Thanks Gary!


Joan Before


Joan After