Joan's Story

Submitted by: Marci Robinson

Joan MacMillan's Success Story

During college I developed poor nutrition habits, bad stress management skills and cut the majority of physical activity out of my routine. Not so surprisingly I gained about 30 pounds. After graduation and transitioning to independent adult life, I maintained those bad habits. Two years ago I dropped the first 10-15 pounds on my own through some dieting and small increase in exercise for the purpose of losing weight and focusing on my appearance.

Even though I made the initial steps, I eventually backslid on my habits and weight. I finally got to the point at the beginning of last year that I no longer wanted to lose weight to meet a certain number or to look a certain way (although that was still a part of it), but I wanted a better life. I wanted to have an active lifestyle and I knew that the extra pounds I was carrying around weren’t doing anything good for my health. I also had the realization that if I wanted my future and my retirement to be the healthy and active vision I desired, I had to make the change now and it was only going to be harder to change the longer I put it off. I also knew that I had gotten myself to that point and I was going to need some outside help to get to where I really wanted to be. That’s where Marci came in.

Marci’s direction and encouragement were the catalyst that got me headed purposefully in the direction I wanted to go. I really was able to change my habits and lifestyle and saw the results in my energy, my attitude and in my appearance. I didn’t realize how unhappy I was and how bad I had felt until I experienced feeling great! I am frustrated by the number of years of letting the unhappy, bad feelings become my acceptable, normal state when I could have spent that time feeling so energized and empowered.

It wasn’t all uphill all the time, and once I got to the point where I was feeling good about my lifestyle, I finally got up the courage to go to the doctor to address a few things that I knew weren’t quite right. Once I knew what feeling good felt like, I could acknowledge what really didn’t feel good and hurt, but that I had previously just accepted. Honestly, I had been unwilling and afraid face and address those problems before. It turned out to be more serious than I had even suspected and started months of frequent doctor visits and lots of tests and medications. Throughout all the turmoil, worry, and distress that come with that, it was working out that got me through it. Working out made me feel better than any pill that the doctors gave me and helped me focus on my health rather than the medical problems. Having Marci with me and to support me also helped get me to the gym through those days I felt icky and didn’t want to go but knew that it was the best thing for me.

I look back at old pictures of me and I am so surprised. It doesn’t even look like me, and I am not just talking about the outside. Remembering what it felt like to be me back then and knowing what it feels like now, it is just so different. I am so thankful that I finally made that commitment and investment to myself to become the person I really wanted to be for the rest of my life.
-Joan MacMillan

Starting Weight: 142
Starting Body Fat%: 31.49%

Fat Mass Lost: 12.06 lbs
Total Body Fat Lost: 7.47%
Total Inches Lost: 7 inches
Lean Body Mass Gained: 6.06 lbs


Joan MacMillan Before


Joan MacMillan After