Joanne's Journey

Submitted by: Eric Johnson

Joanne's Success Story

This letter is my written reference for Eric Johnson as fitness trainer and life coach. I am also available to talk with you by phone in more detail.
I’ve had several trainers over seven years. While each trainer has their strengths, I found Eric Johnson to be the best. Eric trained me for 21 months. His skills are extraordinary. During that time, I exceeded my goals. Family and friends comment on my physical change and an improved outlook on life. While some credit is due to my own initiative, I would not be where I am today without the training skills of Eric Johnson. He excels in a number of areas:
Eric Johnson is an excellent fitness trainer. He demonstrated each movement and taught me how to exercise safely. Eric used his sense of humor to dispel my frustrations and lift my spirits. He modified the more difficult exercises so that I could handle them and show immediate progress. Eric planned a variety of exercises, building on my new skills with a focus on overall fitness.
Eric Johnson is versatile: Eric taught me functional exercise. We discussed problems I had with normal activity such as lifting heavy items without back injury. Eric developed a plan and incorporated it into the workouts. When I had trouble with my neck while jogging, Eric referred me to a chiropractic sports physician. I took Eric’s advice with the chiropractic care; and, now my jogging has improved.
Eric Johnson is an effective life coach. He addressed my personal road-blocks to fitness, such as the fear of injury through workouts. We worked to improve my on focus while exercising. I learned to give exercise my undivided attention. Eric showed me that better results came from a planned and balanced effort. These skills naturally flowed into other areas of my life.
Eric Johnson is challenging and inspiring. I could not imagine setting the goal of my current fitness level. But, Eric did. He developed a workout plan to be done at home on the days that I did not work out with him. As a life coach, Eric worked with me to better define my own life goals. I had to understand clearly what I wanted in order to create a plan to obtain it. Eric recommended books, such as Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “Excuses Begone!” He also recommended meditation.
Eric Johnson is encouraging. The best advice from Eric is that completing my final goal is not my only success. I learned to enjoy many successes along the way. It’s a journey. And, it doesn’t end.