Jeremiah's Weight Loss

Submitted by: Chris Viggiano

Jeremiah's Success Story

I first started working with Chris late June of 2010. Since then I've lost over fifty pounds. From our first session, it became apparent that he would be the right trainer to work with. He's relaxed, confident, easy to get along with, and most importantly, he's personally invested in my success.

Six months ago, my eating and exercise habits were poor, and he gave me "homework" to improve these. I was tempted to fudge my numbers at first, but he pointed out early on that being honest with him was less important than being honest with myself. He was encouraging, but never judgmental--allowing me to succeed at my own pace, and together we came up with ideas to help me keep track of my improvement.

Chris's greatest asset as a trainer, though, is his refusal to take all the credit for my weight loss. Whenever I thank him for all the work he's put into my fitness, he reminds me that "we" put all the work into my fitness. He may be right about that, but I never would have made it this far without him.