Jenni's Story

Submitted by: Marci Robinson

Jenni Gillespie's Success Story

I joined the gym in January 2012. I was exercising at home for years, when I had the time. I have 2 boys that were home with me all day so I would try to squeeze in a workout. Next thing I knew, I gained the weight and didn't make time to exercise anymore. I am so happy that I have Marci as my trainer. She pushes me more than I thought I could ever do! ( Pull-ups, are you kidding me?) I now make the time for me!! No excuses! Marci also taught me that nutrition is just as important as exercising. This I knew, but never followed. My workouts are fun, challenging, different and positive. I love seeing the results from month to month. Being healthy is really important to me more than ever now. Thank you Marci for everything!!!
-Jenni Gillespie

Starting Weight: 167
Starting Body Fat: 37.38%
Abdomen: 36.5
Hips: 42.25
Thigh: 23

Current Weight: 151.8
Current Body Fat: 32.04%
Abdomen: 33.25
Hips: 39.5
Thigh: 19.5

Total Pounds Lost: 15.2
Total Body Fat Lost: 5.34%
Total Inches Lost: 14.75


Jenni Gillespie Before


Jenni Gillespie After