Jeff W. Testimonial

Submitted by: Kent McCann

Jeff's Success Story

“When I first started lifting weights, I experienced the initial explosive gains that most people realize. But again like most people, I began to plateau after a short period. I scoured the internet for information, tried some crazy diets and training programs, and ended up with injuries and frustration.

At about this time, I began working with Kent. He was far more experienced than I was, and was able to reinforce the good fundamentals I had picked up on my own while tactfully pointing out the misinformation I had consumed. He backed up his claims with his own personal experience, but more importantly he had unbiased data that made him impossible to ignore.

On a personal level, Kent is a great motivator. Some of the most fun I’ve had in the past few years has been in the gym with this guy, having him spot me and push me to get that last rep. The advice he’s given me has always been no-nonsense, and he’s taught me the skills I need to continue on my own. He always answers any questions I pose to him in a timely manner – I can’t recommend him highly enough.”