Jeanie's Story

Submitted by: Matt Scott

Jeanie's Success Story

My name is Jeanie and I have multiple sclerosis and was trying to recover from a recent acute exacerbation. I had been in the hospital on IV steroids to alleviate or slow down the attack. I had gone 10 years or so without any disabling problems, worked a demanding job and rarely took time off. I was in terrible shape and wanted to take some control over what I could at the time. I decided to get a personal trainer and was introduced to my Matt Scott by my Doctor.
As I started to see positive results in my body composition and the way I felt so I proceeded in my journey. To date, I have lost 60 pounds, 4 points on my BMI and gained muscle while losing fat and decreased the number of my medications. I just got a complete set of lab work done and I my cholesterol went from 154 to 142 and my doctor could not be happier about all of the results and that I took control of my nutrition and lifestyle. This was done with little or no strenuous exercise. I have been too weak from my MS to do more than my aquatics program 2 times per week. Imagine what I could have done if I could have worked with Matt on a more advance workout program, he is a talented, positive motivator and he has taught me the basic tools I need to be successful.
The knowledge I have learned about food in general, the water we drink, medications we take and the effect they all have on our body has been so valuable. He gives you the tools to take control of the things in your life only you can. Members of my family and friends have also worked with Matt..
Although it will be a lifelong journey, I feel Matt has helped get me off to a great start!

Jeanie R.
Omaha, Ne

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