Janet Helped Me Increase My Strength, Stamina and Balance

Submitted by: Janet Frank Atkinson

Mary, Age 60, Savage, MN's Success Story

Through working with Janet, I met my goals of building muscle strength and tone. I also increased my stamina and balance. Another result which I did not anticipate but have enjoyed is increased self-confidence. I now feel more self-assured when working out. I have so many more options for exercises and activities in the gym. I understand not only the workings of the various machines, which previously may have been a bit intimidating, but also why they contribute to muscle strength.

Janet is a professional who knows her “stuff”!! She demonstrates knowledge of exercise, nutrition and overall awareness of healthy living. Her passion for helping others and caring about others comes through in each interaction with her. She pushes and encourages and helps participants to accomplish more than they may have believed possible. Her ideas are clear cut, and presented in a way that makes sense. She has a great sense of humor and her people skills that are exhibited readily. She cares deeply about helping people get healthy and this is exemplified in her work and in her involvement with others.