Janet Helped Bridge the Gap Between What I thought I Knew and What I Actually Needed

Submitted by: Janet Frank Atkinson

Jeanne, Age 43, Burnsville, MN's Success Story

"I have been working with Janet for approximately 5 months and have benefited more from her knowledge than my own desperate attempt to get into shape for the last few years.

Even though I though I had some basic knowledge, she has managed to bridge the gap between what I thought I knew and what I actually need.

I have tried to change my eating habits for years and found every other trainer was nagging, Janet was teaching and mentoring and what I challenge I gave her. She's easy to work with and listens to my want sand fulfills my needs so I can achieve my goals, I am her priority during training.

Not only have I lost several inches (a whole size now) and 16 lbs, when people ask me what my secret is, I tell them it was Janet. I would recommend her for everyone who has a body changing goal!